Hayabusa images collector and player

This page collects all images taken by Hayabusa 2 during its multiple missions around Ryugu asteroid. Images are directly loaded from JAXA server and are not edited in any way.
Move the mouse over single frames to show them in the player on the left, or move the mouse along the gray bar under the big image to continuously broswe the images and create an animation on-the-fly.

  2. Mid-Altitude Operation - 31/jul-2/aug/2018 (JAXA original page)
  3. Gravity-Measurement Operation - 6-7/aug/2018 (JAXA original page)
  4. MINERVA-II-1 rovers release 19-21/sep/2018 (JAXA original page)
  5. MASCOT rover release - 30/sep-4/oct/2018 (JAXA original page)
  6. Touchdown Rehearsal 1 (TD1-R1) - 11-12/sep/2018 (JAXA original page)
  7. Touchdown Rehearsal 1 - second attempt (TD1-R1A) - 14-16/oct/2018 (JAXA original page)
  8. Mission name - (date) - (JAXA original page)
  9. Mission name - (date) - (JAXA original page)
  10. Mission name - (date) - (JAXA original page)
  11. Mission name - (date) - (JAXA original page)

Big images / low altitude (from various missions)

Map of locations:

(image by Phil Stooke on Unmanned Spaceflight Forum)

See also: Hayabusa 2 real time simulator
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