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2018/10/01 - 2018/10/05 - MASCOT
2018/10/14 - 2018/10/16 - TD1-R1A
2018/10/24 - 2018/10/26 - TD1-R3
2019/02/19 - 2019/02/24 - TD1-L08E (First sampling mission)
2019/02/21 - 2019/02/22 - Low altitude zoom on TD1-L08E
2019/02/19 - 2019/03/05 - TD1-L08E + observation
2019/03/07 - 2019/03/09 - DO-S01 (after-sampling Descent Observation)

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Raw realtime data: (look for "RNG_LIDAR"; JSON to XML online converter: link)
Credits: JAXA
Processing and design by: Luca Cassioli 2018 - cassioli at libero dot it
Version: 1.6.0 - 21/MAR/2019

Technical notes:
JAXA original simulator shows a... simulation of Ryugu view in ONC-W (Wide Angle camera) as a white circle; such circle is sized, in HTML code, as a percentage of the box whic contains it, which represents ONC-W image (1024x1024 pixel); this percentage is calculated from value ONC_A of data file; according to calculations visible in javascript source, ONC_A should be area of the circle in squared pixel, from which it can be calculated circle radius in the box; the box represents a 1024x1024 image. After some calculation it results that the formula to extract altitude in meters from ONC-A value is:
altitude = 450 + 450/(Math.tan(0.001151*Math.sqrt(ONC_A)))

450 is more or less Ryugu diameter; after further manual tuning to match with altitude provided as RNG_LIDAR parameter, the final formula looks like:
altitude = -350 + 450/(Math.tan(0.001280*Math.sqrt(ONC_A))

Both ONC_A and RNG_LIDAR sometimes have value 0 or similar although Hayabusa 2 is known to be at 20000m altitude. Hayabusa 2 is 300.000.000 km away, so possibly some data get lost.